How we look Now

UPDATED July 3, 2016

Welcome to the "57 Dodgers" of the Fort Dodge, Iowa Class of 1957. About the possibility of 60th year Reunion, do we really want one?

We have some 401 Classmates, whose pictures are below - 376 graduates and 25 'friends of the class' and we have lost some 102 classmates (1/4 of the class has passed on)

if you have info that should be included . . . contact "Babe" (I'm lonely)
SEE THE "Deceased" page for Obits, etc. The latest loss is Bill Locatis who passd away on June 16,2016 and we lost Carolyn Worster Husske on January 19, 2016. We alao lost Sheilia Carr Knowles who passed away on November 11, 2015. Others include Billy Miller who passed awayon February 27, 2015. JoAnne Butrick Strong passed on Jan 14, 2015. Others include Jo Ellen (Joi) Sells Freer on 4/23/2014 and Caroline Peterson Schwering on3/31/2014 and John Scully on 2/24/2014. In 2013 Ben Guthrie passsed away on 11/15/2015. Pat Yates Naevin on 9/25/2013. Thanks to Wes Trickel for her obit.. Others who passed in 2012 are Mary Jane Bilionis (7/27/2012), Don Peck (2/11/12), Sandy Boynton Beukelman (12/20/2012) and then were Karen Spittal Allen and Dennis Kruse who passed during the first week of July , Don Kloss on Jan 6, 2012. Sandy Lowry Stuart passed as was told to me, but I don't know when.

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